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Pillow Talk - I've Got You Covered!

Ok Ya'll, let's chat, a little "Pillow Talk".... Pillow Covers..

WHY would I just buy a pillow cover?!

Sooooo, #truthbomb.... I am overly passionate about organizing, carbs and PILLOWS.

Annnnd, pillow covers satisfy 2 out of 3 on that listing!

If you are like me, I LOVE PILLOWS!!! I personally feel they are a way to break up spaces in our home, add personality, texture, dimension, pattern and color.

Ever get bored with your decor? Well, I do! Changing pillows can completely change the feel of an area, buuuutttt that obsession has come with a price. I now have 2 closets full of these majestic pillars of decor! Oh the room I would have had I considered this instead!

My FOUR "WHY" list:

1. Purchase an insert and then rotate pillow covers! Out of boredom, seasons or holidays..they zip off, fold up and slap on a new one!

2. Zip off and wash!!!! Makes keeping our linens sooo much easier! I hate having to shove 2 throw pillows into the washer and for the best. Between boogers, cheetos and bbq sauce...these things need a regular wash!

3. STORAGE, STORAGE, STORAGE! Pillow covers are MUCH easier to make space for. Fold those little guys up like pillow cases and chuck em' in a tote.

Anyone that has been in my home will tell you my throw pillows change constantly! So, I'm all about having options without taking all of my space!

4. Versatility! With so much chaos ALREADY in my home (trying to keep up with 4 littles), I need items that serve more than one purpose! I strongly encourage everyone to consider dual sided pillows because you can flip those sweet squares around and BOOM, new pillow!

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